Naagin 5 Promo Hina Khan being the new icchadhari Naagin

Is Hina Khan Nagadari: A new Nagin for Naagin 5? The new superhero drama poster gives key clues about the actress turning into a variable snake. have a look.


Naagin 5 : Is one of the most anticipated shows on Indian television right now. While fans are eager to see how Naagin 4 ends, they are even more excited about the launch of the new season. Since Ekta Kapoor announced that he will come with the fifth installment in the supernatural drama, the buzz around him has gotten bigger and better. From the actors to the lead actress, from air history to the possible scheme, there has been much speculation about Naagin 5.

The creators of supernatural emotion make no effort to attract the attention of viewers. After launching the first look, a new poster for Naagin 5 has been unveiled, and it gives key clues about Hina Khan as “icchadhari naagin”. Yes, if you go next to the poster, the eyes, facial features and hairstyle will make you feel like she is everyone’s lover, Hina Khan. Although the actress’s face is hidden by snakes around her, many fans speculate that she is Hina Khan in this new poster for Naagin 5.

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